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Nother Question for my Mama


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Sorry to be so full of questions...

Mom wanted me to ask around/look around and see if there is anything that can combat the awful, nasty taste she has in her mouth. I guess it is from the pain meds? She's using Fentonil and Vicadin (sorry if I butchered spelling). She's also doing Radiation.

So... has anybody else experienced this and did you find anything to help?

Me and Mom thank you muchly. ;)

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If she means a metallic taste during radiation, she's in the same 10% of people that I am...

I found that sucking on sour candy during my nukin' helped. My favorite is Altoids Sours - Tangerine. Keeps the saliva flowing and dissipates the taste faster. I just popped a mouthful prior to saddling up for the zapping.

If it's a chemo taste, I have no clue how to fix that...

Take care,


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The kind of metallic taste from radiation doesn't JUST happen while you're getting zapped. It can kind of come and go. I wasn't terribly bothered by it, but when I was I would suck on a lemon drop or those root beer barrel candies. That helped.

I am all done with tx. Finished chemo in Sept. and just finished PCI brain rad in Nov. and I still will get sort of a yukky taste in my mouth sometimes. It's not that metallic taste you can get from chemo and/or radiation, but it's not pleasant either. :? Sometimes I wonder if it's just that I don't smoke anymore...so my taste buds are on high alert?? :roll: I dunno!

But a hard candy, sourball or even chewing a piece of gum might help. When all else failed....I had myself a vanilla vodka with grape juice and that pretty much took care of things! :):wink:

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My mom is always sucking on candy canes. she was doing it before chemo and still does. She says it works for everything and it also helps settle the tummy too...

i say go to the stores and stock up on the 90% off christmas candy canes. I hope the taste goes away for her.

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