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Megace, anyone tried it?


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Hi, my dad has started to take some MEgace to help boost his appetite. HAs anyone taken this, and good or bad results from this? Dad is barely eating and drinking only supplement drinks. Please respond if you know anything about this. Thanks a lot

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My dad has taken Megace since December. He has had no side effects at all from taking this and it has definitly increased his appetite from 0 to really great! He even thought he could get off of it back in May, but noticed right away that as soon as he stopped taking it, his appetite went away too. SO here we are again, and dad still takes his teaspoon of Megace (Megestrol - generic) each and every day.

Have heard that there are possible side-effects like blood clots, etc...but in my dad 's case this his been his miracle drug for a good appetite. He's gained back the 30 pounds he lost + 5 more!

I hope this helps.

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Dad takes the generic form of Megace (Megesterol Acetate) and he takes 20cc per day. (it's like a capfull) Been a miracle for his appetite for almost ten months now.

Hope this helps.

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