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Helpful Hints...return please


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I have to agree with Sophia. Those Forums may not have received many "hits", but all that wonderful information was just sitting there waiting to be accessed when needed. Just the week before it disappeared, I had referred two newcomers to Hospital Hints and Hints and Tidbits that were seeking information regarding what to expect from pending surgeries. It is just too daunting to me to try to re-type all that information each time someone inquires, plus, at my age 8) it gets harder to even remember it. Also, there were several links on those two sites that I never bothered to copy and save because I thought, "I can always just go to LCSC to find them whenever I need them in the future. Uh-oh!!! All gone!!!

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I was thinking of sending an e-mail to Rick about either returning helpful hints or adding "helpful hints" to the Alternative/Complementary... section. There was some very useful information you could refer new people to such as weight gaining strategies, books, Bernie Siegel, megace, etc. and it's lost. It was easy to refer people to. It needs to be somewhere other than general so it can be accessed and not buried.

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