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  1. Chiming in with the others about having to be your own best advocate. I had a similar occurrence of a test ordered by a substitute doctor not being followed up and it delayed my recurrent diagnosis by about 2 months until I coughed up some blood. Mostly I'm mad at myself for not going to see about the scan results myself. When I didn't hear from anyone (the onc's office or my primary doc who had been cc'd), I wrongly assumed everything was OK. WRONG! Keep following the trail and try to get some answers. Best of luck on new scan and treatment options.
  2. Tiny


    My condolences for the loss of your beloved Jim. May God's grace help you, the children, and others through this terrible time.
  3. Thanks for the link. Very interesting! Happy Birthday to Mr. Specter!
  4. I love the positive outlook! Thanks!
  5. Tiny

    Coming soon......

    What wonderful, sparkly, life-reaffirming news! Congratulations!
  6. Love to hear the good news; especially after a scare. Here's to continued good results "clink"!
  7. Tiny

    Chemo or not???

    It's a hard call. When I had my lobectomy and was staged IIa the standard of care was no chemo or rad; I had a second opinion and was given the same information. All was well for 6+ years. Just had a recurrence and have started Tarceva. Who knows if chemo would have negated the recurrence or extended remission?? As others have said, the pathology reports may be very instructive. I went into surgery as a Ia and came out a IIa. One thing we DID do was make darn good use of those interim years!
  8. This is a tough road to travel, but you can have support on the way by visiting here. We used Hospice for both my parents at the end, and they are WONDERFUL. Get them on board ASAP and be honest about needs, concerns, pain, etc. No question is too insignificant. They need you to communicate with them so that they can do their best job and help the family too. So sorry.
  9. Wow! Here's a laugh/sob! What a scary thing! The chemo taking the finish off the watch reminded me of the email that went around about putting coke in the crapper to get rid of buildup. Yikes! Sounds like your sense of humor survived intact. Bless you!
  10. Welcome to a very supportive and knowledgeable community. You'll find love and information in equal parts. My best to you and your precious family. Keep positive!
  11. Many thanks to Barb and all the posters. The links and information were really helpful. I go Thurs. to see the onc and will discuss rach options
  12. Glad to hear that you are having follow-up chemo to fry any little latent cells. I'm betting your mood improves with a little more time and the emergence of the sun once again. Hang in there!
  13. Way to celebrate wonderful news; keep on going for it!!!!
  14. Tiny

    Scan Results

    Bruce- Don't those results just make your day?!!! Congratulations and wishes for a happy summer.
  15. Tiny

    I'm still alive!

    Hic! Hic! Hic! Hic! Hic! Thanks for the beers and the WONDERFUL news!
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