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  1. Sorry you need to be here but welcome to this site full of great people and info. Please keep us posted on how you and hubby are doing. Sandra
  2. SandraL

    CT scan update

    WOW great news! I am praying that continues! Sandra
  3. I will definitely join you. Continued best wishes! Sandra
  4. That's great news Judy! I am having a glass of wine to celebrate with you. Sandra
  5. Glad to hear things are going relatively well. I pray it continues. Sandra
  6. Glad you had a good beach trip. Hubby's results sound promising. I understand about the transition to LTD but you will adjust to that too. Take care Sandra
  7. SandraL

    Final chemo

    Yeah for your final chemo. May it keep the monster at bay and may you continue to feel better. Rest all you can. Sandra
  8. My heart goes out to you....god bless. Sandra
  9. Continued prayers for you Judy. You have quite the regime! Sandra
  10. Well that's just super news to read Jim. I can feel the smile on your face. Continued best wishes. Sandra
  11. SandraL

    CT scans

    I am so glad to hear your prayers were answered. And that you got a chance to finally take a deep breath and rest. Continued best wishes Sandra
  12. She did have a special spark that even shone through "on line". She just kept on fighting and stayed positive. My heart goes out to her family. May she rest in peace. Sandra
  13. SandraL

    Kind of weird...

    Congrats to Hunter and to your family. That sense of community is hard to find. Sandra
  14. Hi there all. I am feeling a bit perkier today so thought I would drop in and say hello. Nothing like going to the mall and getting some new clothes for my upcoming cruise to cheer a girl up! I even got my nails done too! Happy travels and lots of prayers for you Judy. Lily, you are making me hungry! Your cooking must be awesome! Have a wonderful Sunday evening everyone! Sandra
  15. He is a miracle man alright! Continued best wishes Sandra
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