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  1. Hi, Patti. It's been a year since we last "spoke," and there's been a lot of stuff going on, but the good news is that we're both still here, and even better, there's apparently no evidence for either of us that the cancer has spread beyond the chest. Maybe we can keep it that way. But please don't wait another year to post an update! Aloha, Ned
  2. Hi, Patti, thanks for the update! Are you using any mind-body techniques such as meditation or visualization to complement the special diet? I believe that can be useful in conjunction with just about any approach, including standard chemo like I'm on, but especially with someone who has limited options. Wishing you the best, with lots of Aloha, Ned
  3. Hi, Michael: Happy things are going well with the Alimta so far. That drug is probably in the future for a lot of us, so I hope you'll keep those updates coming! I don't know what Alimta costs. Do you think it could be more expensive than Avastin? According to my quarterly Medicare summaries, the "Amount Charged" for each dose of Avastin (not counting the saline and infusion charges) was $10080, reduced to a "Medicare Approved" $6825. Of that figure, Medicare paid 80% and Tricare for Life (military retiree) paid the remaining 20%. Multiply that by 18 treatments and the total is getting up th
  4. I haven't had radiation, but I did have an irritated mouth, throat, and esophagus from chemo (probably the Taxol) which caused problems swallowing. Anything grainy (bread, meat, some beans) was irritating, anything with sharp edges (nuts, most raw vegetables, some raw fruits) was painful. My favorites, in fact practically my entire diet for a while, consisted of things like creamy soups (lukewarm, no large or sharp-edged chunks, a minimum of meat, sometimes run through the blender before heating), soft fruits like peach slices and pear slices (canned or packed in individual cups with juice or
  5. Hi, Mary: You two have certainly had a string of difficult and frustrating days, and I know you're concerned that the chemo/radiation treatments are being delayed another week, this time because of the angiogram and possible stent placement on the 18th. I had similar concerns myself -- had to wait a month to recover from exploratory surgery before I could start chemo -- and I think a good percentage of our members have had the same kind of worry, that they finally had a diagnosis but then had to wait for one thing or another before they could start treatment. But in your husband's case, the
  6. I think most people are awkward and uncomfortable just bringing up the "C" word, and they find themselves blurting out something without following the "engage brain before operating mouth" rule. Clueless? Yes. Insensitive? Maybe. Hurtful? Not intentionally. I try to give people a LOT of slack if I believe their intentions are good. The next step would be an attempt to educate them, if not directly, then a day or so later in a subtle and oblique way. After a couple of these, if they still don't "get it," it's probably time to modify the relationship -- but without burning any bridges, because
  7. You've ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY, MADE MY DAY! So happy for you, and so happy for all who are given a little more hope through your example. With an abundance of Aloha, Ned
  8. Hi, Renate: Thanks for posting your profile. It's a good thing the oncologist ordered at CT scan to check out the "likely multiple pulmonary nodules" -- chest x-rays frequently don't show problems that are just beginning. You mentioned that "my profile does not show in my first post." If you want it to attach to the messages you posted before writing the profile, go back to EACH of those early posts, click the Edit button (which appears with all of YOUR messages), scroll down and check Attach signature, then Submit. Aloha, Ned
  9. I won't even ask what "M" means! Aloha, Ned
  10. Hi again, Mary: The LCSC excels in sharing first-hand information concerning symptoms, drug side effects, and other lung cancer issues from the perspective of a patient or family member. No matter what the condition or treatment, we are sure to have members who have "been there, done that" and are ready to help you along this new journey. But for detailed medical information, I highly recommend that you visit onctalk.com. There's a wealth of information there, primarily on lung cancer, constantly updated by a Seattle oncologist who is an internationally-recognized expert on lung cancer and wh
  11. Hi, Mary, welcome to the group! Reading your profile, I was getting frustrated with the crossed signals right along side of you. But things should be settling down now that treatment is about to start. I also had Taxol/Carboplatin, but since I didn't have radiation, my sessions were 3 weeks apart instead of the weekly infusion your husband will be getting in combination with the "daily" radiation. I noticed you also posted in the NSCLC forum, so I'll move there and see if I can help you find answers to some of your questions. Aloha, Ned
  12. Chris, at the very beginning of your profile/signature block, type and at the very end type [/size ]. Note that you use [b]square[/b] brackets, not parentheses. Also, do not put a space before the right bracket -- I had to do that so the codes wouldn't take effect and disappear. With the codes properly inserted (no spaces), your profile would look like this: Aug 28, 2007 -- The beginning of my Adventure. Oct 3, 2007 -- CT Scan reveals a large mass in left lung lobe. its form factor is 8.0 x 5.2 x 8.5 CMs Oct 23, 2007 etc. etc. etc. You can shrink it further by using bold or a different c
  13. Hi, Vernon, it's me again. I saw your question before Muriel had a chance to send the PM. It's not HTML, at least not like any HTML I've ever seen. And it uses square brackets [ ] to enclose the code, not angle brackets < > like HTML does. The codes are shown at the top of the "Post a new topic" and "Post a reply" entry screens (you can run your mouse over the buttons and get a quick education), and the same codes work in the profile/signature entry window although there are no buttons at the top of that screen to help you out. If you wanted your profile to display maroon and size 8, y
  14. Vernon, welcome to the group! I'm stage IIIB, and as you can see from my profile I'm close to the 17 month point and doing well. If you can answer the questions Mary listed, you'll hear about, and probably directly from, others whose situations mirror your own. Aloha, Ned
  15. As I read your post, your sister chose NO treatment, but your husband is opting for an AGRESSIVE treatment, chemo/radiation. And from your description of what he said last night, I'm even more convinced that this MAY be the best approach for him. I don't think it's a death sentence, any more than life itself is. I don't think I'd be able to know that for sure. All I can say is that since 9/1/2006 I've been a lot more respectful of, and receptive to, intuition than in my previous 71 years. Aloha, Ned
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