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Cleaning out Sclerosed Veins?


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I am also going to ask this Q in the experts but I also want to hear from those who deal with it, for “natural” approaches. I’ve talked several times about the veins sclerosing. Pretty much from my nurses. I’ve only been told that once they sclcerose, that’s it. That won’t work. Although I have had a fair response already.

Anyone heard of a way to clear out the veins, other than overall diet. I look at the sclerosed veins as a pipe that has become corroded. I’m not sure I would care to take medication to clear the veins, if there is such a thing, as I believe too much medicine is not a good thing but,,,,

Anyway any thoughts.


As for my arm hurting when I put it over my head I was told "don't do that". It worked.

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