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We've had a few discussions in the past about a link between thyroid issues and cancer. There also has been some discussion too, as I recall, of people who ended up hypothyroid following chemo.

Well...a week ago Tuesday I wasn't feeling so great. Long story short, my PCP thinks it was just a tummy virus but he ran bloodwork. The ONLY thing that is off (other than sed. rate and I'm gonna have to ask why he didn't mention that! I got a copy of the lab report today)....was my Free T-4.

I am HYPERthyroid again!! And I can hardly keep my eyes open. Every single afternoon, if I sit on the sofa...I'm gone. Same thing at night. Out like a light.

My doc took me off the Synthroid totally for a week, and then I'm to start up again with a new dose, which has been cut by 1/3. Before I was dx'd with cancer, I was taking nearly .200 mgs. daily. Now I'll be down to .100.

Just thought I'd mention this as I don't recall anyone else coming up hyper following chemo. I'd never have guessed...as I had none of the other symptoms of being hyper....or at least none that couldn't have been explained by a stomach virus. Now I'm starting to look a little differently at the lack of appetite, the loss of 4 lbs., the...uh.....frequent trips to the...er....."library".

Ya know, for all the things chemo can and does do...you'd think they'd figure out a way for it to erase wrinkles, moisturize dry skin and fix that damn corn on my toe too, eh?

Okay...I'm about to fall asleep again. Anyone else out there ever end up hyper following chemo?

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Hi Addie,

My husband was diagnoised with it. He lost 20 lbs and is having a hard time gaining it back. He also is very tired and has a repid heartrate.

He gags so much, I don't know if that is from the over active thyroid condition or not.

This is new to us. He has not even had Chemo yet as they are trying to get him stronger since his lombetory Dec. 15th.

It is suppose to be not that commom in men compared to wommen.

Anyway, we do not know the extent to it yet. He has an appointment with an Endocrinologist on the 1st.

Will keep you posted.


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