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swollen lymph node in upper leg / groin


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Hello all...

about 3 weeks ago i noticed my upper right leg / groin area had a lymph node that was getting big on me...at first i didnt pay it much attention, but after about a week it was really hurting me, i went to a Prompt Care place here, the Dr said it was prolly an STD, but i knew that wasnt it.. i told her i had smoked for 12 years, and that it scared me, she didnt even listen to my lungs....she gave me some peniculun in case it was an STD and sent me on my way....

that was last monday, so a week and a half ago, i made an appt with a family doctor here, but since i dont already have one, and am going to be a new patient, i have to wait till next week for an appt...

my question is , could lung cancer cause just one lymph node to swell...and i mean, its big too.... and sometimes painful.... i have no cough, no blood, and not much fatigue, although some, but that could be from too much work

does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? should i go get the ER to look at it, i dont like the idea of waiting another week, but i cant get in to see a Dr sooner.... i hope its just paranoia, but im scared....



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I'm not sure from the information in your post why you think this might be lung cancer . I would say that if I was as concerned about my health as you are I would make sure the new doctor, you have an appointment with, is aware of your pain and immediate health concern. It is my understanding that the lymph nodes in the body will swell when they are fighting infection to a nearby part of the body. This is not to be confused with cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes . If you have taken the antibiotic prescribed to you and it hasn't helped, you might want to seek attention by returning to the original doctor or giving another call to the new doctor. My best to you.


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Did the doctor do an STD workup on you?? A swollen area in the groin area does not sound like an STD. I Would go for a second opinion and if you are concerned about lung cancer insist on a chest xray. I am not a doctor but work in the medical field and I am a somewhat educated on basic illnesses. If I cannot help I will ask a doctor at work for you.


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One of the guys I work with fought lymphoma a few odd years ago. He was an "odd" case as he only had it in one leg - normally it's bilateral.

Advice to anyone who is not sure on news they receive from a doctor: seek a second opinion. If there hasn't been an STD work-up, I don't understand how a doctor would name it as a generalized STD and not give the name of the disease s/he suspects.... Weird...

Follow up on it, don't get lost in the paperwork shuffle.

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