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What do we know about Superior Vena Cava syndrome?


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I've got a neck like a linebacker!! Just went in today for another CT of my chest to see what this is....but the onc's orders said it was to "rule out SVCS". It's not swollen lymph nodes.

This'd be funny if it weren't so scary. I'm starting to think I'm Justakid's long lost, MUCH older sister!! :roll:

Happy Valentine's Day to all. That's one bright spot today....eh?

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SVCS is when the tumor is on the vena cava causing the blood to back up (hence the swelling) because it has trouble returning to the heart. For John, he had to have radiation immediately to get the tumor down and off the vein. His body has begun to make new pathways back to the heart to compensate.

It needs to be treated quickly if that's what your swelling is. They told John that the radiologists will come in on weekends just to treat SVCS patients.

PM if you'd like.


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Mike had SVCS, as well. Aside from the neck swelling, so did the arms, hands, face and there were little broken looking veins across his upper abdomen . He was put in the hospital immediately, radiation was started and a stent was put in. The stent did the trick... actually, in his case the doctor put one stent over another for reinforcement. They put him on plavix for 6 months and the 6 months is now over . The procedure worked well for him. I am telling you this not for you to worry , but more for reassurance that it can be handled . The stent procedure only took about 45 minutes .

One day at a time Addie, that's all any of us can do. Praying things improve for you soon.


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I had a chest CT with contrast today and the good news is there are NO blockages anywhere in the area to account for the edema.

The biopsy is tomorrow and my onc may well start me on chemo before the week is out, which he says will take care of the edema. So otherwise, all he told me was to sleep with my head well elevated....3 pillows.

I generally do sleep with three...and it didn't stop my neck from swelling....so...?????????

But apparently I'm in no immediate danger. I did read in an article earlier too, that even abdominal tumors can cause SVCS...anyone know anything about that?

Thanks to all for the info. Helps to have the experience of others...even IF it may not completely apply....you know?

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