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Anyone been on Tarceva?


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Second DX of lung cancer last September. Had 35 radiation treatments and five of Taxol and Carboplatin. Last week learned I still have a "hot spot" in the same area. Just completing eight more radiation treatments. Onc Doc gave me the choice of Tarceva or Taxotere next. Anyone been on Tarceva? Onc Doc is leaning towards the Tarceva but I need to hear from someone who has been on it and it worked. I really need help with this decision. Thanks.

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Maryjo, Tarceva put me into a remission. But I'm having some problems with gastric bleeding that may or may not have something to do with Tarceva. (I have Crohn's Disease along with the Lung Cancer).


Taxotere and Taxol are both members of the Taxane family of drugs. It's my understanding that a cancer's resistance to one is thought to imply resistance to the other.

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Taxotere is usually given as a second line chemo and usually follows Taxol. It is a sister drug to Taxol and has fewer harsh side effects. I had Taxol/Carbo followed by Taxotere. Taxol did nothing, Taxotere gave me 31% shrinkage. I then went on Iressa, which kept me stable for 7 months and now I'm taking Tarceva, which after 1 month I'm still stable.

Check out the thread mentioned above. I think most of us have been put on Tarceva only recently and may be too soon to judge exactly how we are all responding.

Let us know your decision.


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