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ugh!! inheritance advice site????


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okay well my brother and i are the inheritors of my dad's estate. i understand that i have 9 months by law to figure it all out. I am executor. I want and NEED to take time for myself to grieve a bit more (it's only been since march 3 that dad died) (dad died, dad died, i can't believe i can write that). it's too early to worry about inheritance stuff and frankl i don't think it would be good for me to get sidetracked into that quagmire until i settle into my grief more.. make sense???

my brother, mr denial himself, wants to MOVE ON.. ie get everything done. I am in no position to move on right now! i can't make decisions and I'm so upset and angry too that i am right now feeling vindictive! which is not like me..........

anyway, blah blah blah long story.. does anyone know of any websites where inheritance issues are discussed and advice dolled out. i have an attorney at a cost of millions of dollars an hour that I will use when needed but at some point in the future i will have to figure stuff out. as you can imagine it's very complicated as it will mean most likely joint ownership with my brother of stuff and we really don't see eye to eye. anwyay, it's just a nightmare and i'm not ready to deal with it yet but would love to haave resources at the ready when i am. thanks anyone! lori

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I searched the net for Probate Code for my state and read it for myself. I suppose states differ. If it were me, I would use the attorney, the estate will pay his fee and it takes all the personal out of it. I think probate usually takes months anyway but look in the will, the executor may have the right to sell or dispose of assets as needed, to pay bills, etc. As you say, you aren't ready, who cares about your bro, he can wait. Call the attorney. It is worth it.

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Hi Lori,

I have to agree... Use the attorney... my husband was the executer of his moms estate... it is not an easy task and the attorney costs do get paid through the estate so that is definetely the direction I would pursue. Just make sure you find an attorney you have confidence in.... Love, Sharon

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Oh yea. I would definately use the lawyer. When my mother died and I was executor the lawyer did everything for me and took SO much a load off me. They can be a wonderful help and can guide you through this.

You have enough on your mind just trying to live day by day without trying to figure out stuff you really don't need to. Do think of yourself first right now and slow down your mind. Enjoy the positive things around you right now - this very minute - this very second. Slo-----ow

d--------o--------w-----n. You are golden.

Love, C.

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