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Tarceva-Induced Indigestion ?


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A few days after starting Tarceva my wife began complaining about sour stomach / heart burn / indigestion after eating. She notices this moreso in the evening hours. She thinks that eating smaller meals has helped some. Has anybody else experienced indigestion like this and think that it may be due to the Tarceva ( or Iressa ) ?


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My stomach side effects have been mild nausea, which is usually brought on by eating a bit too much. I eat 3 small meals a day. I have not had heartburn, some gas, yes.

I hope this is not keeping her from eating enough.

I would not hesitate taking over the counter stuff to relieve the discomfort.


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It sounds like your wife and I are getting the exact same effects from the Tarceva. I also get a "sour" stomach. My doc put me on Prevacid. I take it in the morning and it helps for the rest of the day. Ask your wife's docs about this. I think it is pretty commom side effect.


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