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  1. I had great hopes for Peter and believed that he would be back. I truly believed he would return. Between David C and now Peter (and others here on the board), and me feeling horrible, I'm trying not to slip further into my depression hole. Thank God he didn't suffer too long! He will be greatly missed!
  2. Justakid


    Thanks for all the support! We have tried so many meds over the years we just have to find one that works. It's also hard waiting for it to kick in!
  3. Justakid


    Can't find anything to be happy about. All I can do is cry and feel soory for myself, it started when I was in the hospital last week. I just wanted everyone to know that I'm in the bottom of and hole and trying like hell to hold on. Prior to all this cancer mess I was dx with depression and had been on meds for years but had finally stopped taking them because I had learned to manage it and see it when it was coming. We're trying to find something that will work now but having a hell of a time. I can honestly say I have hit bottom and I don't like it. I can see the top I just can't get there right now. I just wanted everyone to know I may be off/on the board depending on my mood for awhile. I know I will snap out of this, although I have never been this low before, I have two kids that need me to snap out of it and don't like to see me upset. Thank you for all your great thoughts and prayers in prior posts. I'm trying as hard as possible!
  4. I too use O2 for sleeping and exertion
  5. Haylee- I wish you wouldn't leave but thank you for all your support and love. I will miss you greatly!
  6. Hang on TAnn, I'm with you! Trying is so hard, wish someone could step in and take it for me for about a month! I know you do too!
  7. When we first looked into Avastin my doc said if they wouldn't pays that SPOC should. Check out the Avastin website. My insurance company approved without a fight
  8. You may want to PM Karen (David C recently died), if she is up to talking, I know that Dave had some rage issues....what between the meds, brain mets and everything it's not surprising. She had some of the same problems, hope she doesn't mind me speaking for her....you may want to check out some of her posts.
  9. Justakid


    Thanks everyone. Just feeling totally over whelmed about everything anf trying to keep my sanity about it all. See the Shrink tomorrow and the pulmonary doc on Thursday. These injections have me upset but they said it was better then pills and do what I'm told. Gotta dig myself out of this whole I'm in and try to keep posting as things settle down (at least everyone says they will settle down)
  10. No gall bladder surgery for me. Had a nuclear test today and the gall bladder is working well enough with no problems to cut it out. Gonna get the blood clots staight and hopefully go home. Course we need to figure out what is causing the pain. Will keep you posted, but hopefully will get out of jail soon! Beth
  11. Hey guys - got pulonary embolisms too will be here at least 5 days, dont know anything else! Will keep you posted
  12. Beth's surgery was postponed by her Pulm Doc today. He came in for the pre-op check and didn't like her breathing. Admitted her to hospital for a bunch of tests and "breathing therapy" before he will clear her for surgery. When "dopler" was done on legs, they found a small blood clot in her lower right leg. They have her on blood thinners to try and disolve the clot. Also had CT scan of chest this afternoon but still waiting to hear results. I will keep you posted on Beth's condition as it develops. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, Kurt.
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