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Following up...........David.........Karen?


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Hanging in there.

Dave had his chemo yesterday and today. He's now on the "Addie Plan", getting his dose split up over five days instead of one. His platelet count was 119 yesterday, which is awesome, considering it was a measly 78,000 last Tuesday!

I'm certainly making plenty of mistakes muddling through this mess, but I haven't gone nuts (yet, almost did on Saturday) and Dave is doing well physically, so what more could I ask for?

thanks for checking!


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Don't want to jinx you or anything but any house news??? While I keep praying for you, Dave and Faith... I also add a special prayer for the house "situation".

I hate, hate, hate moving... waiting for the sale, finding a new place, trying to get everything to coordinate... It is terribly stressful.

Hope things are going well on that front too!

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Oh, good....I'm glad David is getting the chemo!! Maybe it'll go a bit easier on his #'s too, to have it split out over 5 days rather than in one BIG dose!

Let us know how things go. Just FYI...my WBCs were 1.9 last Friday....and when I went in yesterday for a recheck...they were 22.0~! That is NOT a typo.....they went up to 22.0. :shock: My platelets, from Friday to Monday, went from 27,000 to 95,000~!

I start up chemo again on Monday....but am still feeling pretty good. A little more tired this week than last....but it seems to relate to how well I sleep at night, more than anything else.

I'm due for a CT scan after this next cycle (#3) of Topotecan.....how about David?

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Tami -NOTHING on the house yet, and not for a lack of lookers. got plenty of lookers, but no one offering to buy. lots of houses coming on the market in the area we want to move to, so I'm occupying myself checking them out. at least on the internet and doing "drive-bys" which Faith calls a "trip house." If I make any side trips, she knows the exact way home, she calls me on it "Mama, trip house?". I'm really not getting all worked up over any one particular house or anything, I am just having fun and doing my own market analysis!

Addie, that sounds great. I'm thinking this is the way to go with Dave's chemo. however, everytime he steps foot in that onco doc's office there's a $20 copay, so he is balking at the idea of $100/week for chemo rather than one $20 copay. I think we shouldn't worry about it, his health is more important than $80. I mean, I KNOW things are tight right now . . . anyway, that's personal business I guess, he just seems so stressed over it and I don't think it's something we should be stressed about.


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