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FWIW : Tarceva FACE Rash & Therapeutic Response


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My wife has the usual Tarceva side effects, primarily GI and skin related. The worst of the skin rash by far is on her face. Specifically, forehead, nose and chin. Weird as it will suddenly breakout into a mass of pus filled pimples then just as quickly dry up almost like it's going to disappear, then flare up again. etc. Also, I've noticed some dry skin elsewhere on her face and scalp. I mention the face rash for the following reason. As some of you know, there is some medical literature on Iressa and Tarceva that suggests that the skin rash, generally speaking, correlates with a better therapeutic response. This has been mentioned to us a couple of times. An OCN from another med onc examined my wife this week. She was very familiar with Tarceva / Iressa and therapeutic response and she stated absolutely that within her onc group the patients with the worst FACE symptoms are producing the best therapeutic responses with these drugs. My wife has scattered rash and spots elsewhere on her body but I'd classify this as mild compared to the face.

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As this is good news for your wife, I kinda hope that there is no corrulation between WHERE the bumps are, just as long as there are bumps. My face has been spared for the most part, however I do have some very painful bumps INSIDE my nose!

Thanks for the info!


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I find this so interesting! I am in a double blind study where I am not told if it is or isnt Iressa I am taking - however I have had the rash and the pimple adventure and intermittant stomach issues since a week after starting it.

I have always been frustrated with my new 40 year old face with Zits. My face has been the worst since the start. I actually continue to take an acne medication to keep it at bay (sometimes that doesn't even come close).

I guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, huh?

Thanks for the reminder!!


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