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  1. I did not have cyber knife, I had stereotactic radiation to the back of skull and a spot on my spine. I beileve the procedures are similar and that the main difference between the two is the actual machine that delivers the radiation itself. I had great luckwith it. The only side effect I encountered was a little nausea. The treatment took 2 days. The 1st day was pure planning and lining me up perfectly so I could get the radiation dose the following day. They spend alot of time making sure that they won't hit/damnage areas around where they were going to perform the procedure. I felt great after the treatments and the cancer went into remission., Wendy
  2. My cough needed prednisone in order to calm it down. I anm slowily decreasing the prednisone now to hopefully calm the beast for good. I also have taken tesslon pearls with the prednisone. Good luck, let us know if you found something that has helped you. Wendy
  3. Paula, Prayers to you and your loved ones. Wendy
  4. Morre prayers being sent, Wendy
  5. Sorry Sandra, I haven't had any experience with that chemo but wanted to send you a cyber hug and the hope that better days with no pain are ahead. Wendy
  6. Wendy

    Too Young

    Hugs......& prayers Wendy
  7. Wendy

    Our TracyD

    My prayers and thoughts are with you. Wendy
  8. Wendy

    small cell

    Mare, Add me to the list of prayers being said for your mom. Wendy
  9. Wendy

    GREAT PET/CT Results

    That is wonderful news!! Enjoy your trip with the family. Wendy
  10. Thanks for checking in and sharing your good news! Congratulations on 8 and cheers to many more Wendy
  11. Hi Anne, I have had radiation to my spine ( 2 places) my skull and my pelvis for pain relief. A few times I had relief within a week or 2, the other 2 times it was over a month before I could feel the benefits. Unfortunately everyone is different and the little "buggers" have a mind of their own. Don't be shy about talking about how your still feeling to the radiation oncologist. I hope you receive some pain relief soon!! Wendy
  12. Wendy

    Three Years

    Great news Lilly! Wendy
  13. Hi Brian, Welcome! I am a 5+ year survivor that has been in treatment for close to 5 years now. I was 39 when I was diagnosed at stage IIIa. I had my left lung removed, radiation to my chest, 3 drug chemo cocktail, & participated in a drug trial with the drug IRESSA. I was cancer free after my lung removal until 2 years later when 2 bone mets popped up. For the last 2 consecutive years I have had 1 bone met pop up. For the last 3+ years I have been taking Avastin and Tarceva. I just found out that the Avastin is starting to constrict the blood vessels in my brain and causing problems. I am sure I will be discussing the next treatment plan for me in the next few weeks with my doc. I can relate to so many levels that you have discussed. I have really struggled with anger piece. I eventually saw a counselor to learn how to live with it. I can't say I never get angry about it anymore, but I can say that I have learned not to let it control my life. I can acknowledge the anger and then let it go and move on. Eventually I realized that it wastes way too much energy to be angry all of the time. I am no longer working and have been on disability. I attempted to return to work about 3 months after my surgery (part time) and I couldn't keep up. I loved my job and to admit that I didn't have the energy, brainpower, or concentration was a really big blow. I had defined myself by my job and suddenly I was no longer that person. Looking back it was the best thing for me. I was able to keep myself healthy and able to concentrate on living life - no matter what was thrown at me. Believe me you can find things to do other than work! Hang in there Brian. You are not alone. You can handle whatever has been thrown at you. You're a survivor. All my best, Wendy
  14. Wendy


    welcome Joyce, I too was diagnosed when I was being checked for acid reflux symptoms. That was 5 + years later and I am still here to tell about it! I hope we can give you a hand on your journey, Wendy
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