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Radiaton side effect


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This monster disease should be researched until it can be eliminated. Dad stayed with us this weekend and he is having side effects from the radiation. It is impeding his eating...so we worry about weight loss. When he eats it hurts on the way down...especially anything chunky, solid or cold. WE bought yoplait whipped yogurt and Panera soups. He managed to get that down okay....I wish I could take some of his pain for him. He got up throught the night and coughed so hard he choked. Then this precious man apologizes at breakfast for keeping us up. I love him so much I can't bear what this monster is doing to him..there has to be miracles out there for all of us. Please God hear my prayers for Dad and everyone here. You are the the cornerstone of all miracles....please pray for Dad...he had the weekend from h---. He is exhausted.

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My husband had the same problem after radiation. I ended up buying alot of baby food and Ensure. He still drinks the Ensure when he has no appetitite just to get some nutrition. However he has no problem with swallowing anymore. IT IS HORRIBLE I KNOW BUT IT WILL GET BETTER.

Blessings to you,


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