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Last week my mom took my dad to the oncologist for a blood test. The good news is that there is no sign of the cancer and he doesn't go back for another 2 months. My dad's lung collapsed about 1 month ago and he had a chest tube inserted. He is at home now but he is still coughing and when he starts moving he is out of breathe. He has an oxygen tank at home and wears it only when he starts moving. His oncologist told my parents that he has emphysema! We were NEVER told this before and he told my parents that "everyone that smokes gets emphysema" Why were we not told this before? Anyway, I've seen a lot of posts about prednisone....Can you please tell me about this and what it does??

Also, near the end of Feb. he had radiation pneumonitis.

Please help,


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Hi Jorja.

I hope that others will drop by too with their thoughts and experiences on prednisone. I am the Queen of prednisone! There is so much to it, that it is difficult to try to put it together. It is one of those drugs that you have to experience in order to "get it".

It is not like anything else except at times it feels like speed. (whatever that feels like :wink: )

When a person first starts to take it, so often they have a sense of mild euphoria..everything is all right in the world. After a time on prednisone, however, that experience remains completely elusive.

Prednisone quickly becomes the enemy in that the jitters start in, the mood swings, the bouts of uncontrolled and unexplainable feelings of anger, sadness, and just crying, laughing or talking all inappropritely. The sleeplessness drives you nuts. The restlessness drives you even more nuts.

This steroid is nothing like the athletes take to boost themselves up. No. It is not like a narcotic at all. It is not addictive. Though once you start to take it, you need to have a doctor tell you how to get off it so that the adrenal glands don't shut down on you.

The one thing that all doctors know about prednisone is that it is the most powerful anti-inflammatory there is. It works. Nothing else works like it. It has saved many many lives....including mine...several times.

I love it, and I hate it both.

It is not an easy drug, but it is doable. Pulmonologists love it, because it works.

Good luck to your Dad with this. If he starts acting funny, just chalk it up to the prednisone. And if his eye gets a look in it like he wants to kill someone close by, just leave the room until until he sorts it out. Keep the guns locked up!

I am painting some bad scenarios, I know, but some of us have some pretty harsh reactions to the prednisone.

Right now my face is what they call moon face. And I know I have a prednisone butt to go with it..(THIS IS NOT MY BUTT!!!) I got prednisone gutt and gained I am not going to tell you how many pounds.

Bottom line. With all the side effects, I still need the prednisone to live. I just try to deal with the side effects of the prednisone the best I can.

don't mean to scare you with all my experiences. But, some of them you may need to be aware of.

Oh. And if your dad has any hints of osteoporosis, he may need a drug to counteract bone loss while he is on the prednisone.

love, Cindi

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