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Lung Pain and treatment?


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Mike says he hasn't experienced any lung pain and overall ,Alimta has been kind to him until now..... well, we can't blame the Alimta, but if you read my post on test time /result time you will see he is having some inflammation to the lung . This is probably related to chemo, as a whole, and radiation and not Alimta. This is an ongoing situation at the moment and I really don't have answers, but overall there are a lot of positive indications from Alimta for Mike. He has been stable since early Decemeber. As for your mom, if she is concerned she should have it checked out. My best to her on the Alimta, read my post so you will know what to be aware of. My prayers are going out for you and mom.

Love, Sue

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My mom had a tingly type of sensation with her first line of chemo, and had very good response. However, her blood counts went so haywire she could no longer say on it, and the next three lines (including Alimta) had no tingly or pain sensation. However, this latest treatment (Taxol) had caused some pain, especially right after treatment, and it's working, too.

So anecdotally, at least for my mom, the pain or funny sensation in the chest appears to be associated with the chemo working. But I bet the statisticians would have a field day with my conclusion! :roll:


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