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Shedding some of the excess


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Well, maybe.

My mother and I have been going through somewhat the same rigamarole within the health care system over the past several months. It's quite amazing, actually, how they can stand up for each other, cover up things, suddenly alter their story to match the other guy's story so they at least sound like (almost) they know what they are talking about.

Out of the many, many really GOOD people and GOOD practitioners within the system, even some of them are so caught in the system that they begin to become more of an obstacle.

My mother is 91. She's in relatively good health, but all the "specialists" keep tossing her around from one to the other. My guess is that they are afraid she will die, and none of them want that on their watch. Understandable I guess, but it isn't helping her out much.

As for myself, I'm still a bit unhappy that it took a full month to get any help for my gallbladder and bile duct, even though I was getting sicker and sicker right in front of their very eyes. It was the 4th doctor, the GI referral, that finally did something. Before then, they'd look at me, tell me I had yellow eyes, give me more pills and send me on to the next doc, more scans and tests along the way, and days/weeks in between it all -- just drawing it out until I was almost off my feet before it was taken care of.

I have a scan next week to see if anything has changed since the last one. I'm thinking after that scan I'm going to ditch the old PCP (friend, or supposed friend) and the Oncologist if there is no cancer present.

I figure that if I broke a leg, I'd be sent to an Orthopedic doc. Once the leg was taken care of and healed, I wouldn't be going back to the Otrhopod for the flu or my acid reflux problem. So, I can't see a real need to see an Oncologist if there is no cancer present.

Keep in mind that I have such faith in the Pulmonologist I go to (the one who actually eyeballs the scans and knows as much or more about all this as any of the Oncologists I've seen). I can follow up with him, and if cancer comes back, then he can do what we did before - refer me to the Oncologist.

I've really just had it "up to here" with Oncologists who wring their hands, need scan after scan to make a decision, and then when it turns out to be something not related to cancer, they have that deer in the headlights look. In short, I'd like someone to diagnose and treat me -- not putz around looking for cancer because that's their line of work.

Just some thoughts I've had lately.


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