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Side Effects?


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Seldom have time to get on here and read, let alone post. Scott had a seizure March 7th, so he is not allowed to drive for a period of time. Then the first part of April he started having dizzy spells - just occasionally and only after getting out of the car after a short trip. Last week his left hand went numb and after a couple of hours, the movement came back. It's about 98-99% ok now. But I worry everytime he gets out of the car, walks outside, etc., that he will get dizzy and fall. I've been with him every time except the time his hand got numb - he was with a friend playing pool. I'm working from home, running him where he needs to go, and not doing much else - afraid to leave him alone and there is no one else here. I think I read that others have had dizzy spells after radiation or stereotactic surgery but I don't have time to search - he's usually three feet away. Any input? Doctors seem to think that may be the cause, though they have moved up the next MRI. Anything I hsould watch for? Prayers to everyone.

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