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Confused Update

Guest SandyM

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Guest SandyM

Well, I got some answers from the Onc last week, but I am still not sure what we should do at this point. I questioned why they waited 6 months to do another MRI and he said because in Canada that's how it works. They don't do scans the way they do in the U.S. He went on to say the U.S. and Canada differ because in the U.S. it's all about making money. Here he said we wait until we see symptoms. I asked him about the fact that they did see a tiny nodule way back when and he said the nodule had been there when my dad finished his first rounds of chemo. At that point he said they couldn't have done any more. He said the longer time goes by without my dad having chemo, the better it will work if he needs it again.

He also went on to say that it's about the quality of time my dad has left and not quantity. He said they aren't going to pump him full of chemo if all it's going to do is prolong his life by a few months, but make him sick for most of it. He said it will all depend on how well he does this time on chemo. He had three days of chemo and now he doesn't have anything for three weeks. Isn't that a long time in between?

I called someone at the hospital about switching doctors. She says she is going to look into it for me.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Sandy M.

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Hi Sandy:

I got that same "US, Canada" difference crap that you got from my mother's onc., but if I told him to do something, he did it. Your Dad's onc. is telling you the truth about the chemo. however, but if they picked up signs awhile ago, they should have been on it then. It's just negligence as far as I'm concerned if they don't get on it at first sign.

GET YOUR DAD A DIFFERENT DOCTOR!!! They cannot deny you that just because we have a weird health system up here as opposed to the States.

They may say it's a money making issue down in the States, but up here I think it's politics....gotta save those health care bucks and make all the politicians proud!!! Boloney!!! Alberta has just had a record fundraising year concerning cancer, so they can spend some on the patients I think!!

When you do get a different doctor, insist on the kind of care you want for your father. I cannot even tell you how many times I have had to "go to the mat" in the Cross for things that my Mom needed, so don't be shy, do what you have to do to get good care for your Dad. And if all else fails, check into Calgary, they have a great Cancer Institute there.

Good luck to you and your Dad Sandy, keep us posted,


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