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Jesus Loves Me

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Hi. I am new here. I just lost my grandfather to lung cancer this past Saturday morning. He was 80 years old and was always very special to me because we share our birthday. He was a great man and a loving grandfather, father, and husband! He was diagnosed on New Years Eve and then this past week he quickly got worse. One day he was up and about, the next he was gone. Our whole family was there and we all gathered round him in his last hours. Being a very religious man, my mother and aunt sang hymns to him. I swear that he heard them and even smiled. He couldn't have gone in a better way considering the circumstances. It was very lucky that my uncle was there seeing as he lives 13 hours away, he just so happened to had already planned to be there that week. I am so happy to know that he is in a better place but I can't help to feel confused and I don't know how long it will take me to understand and realize that is was him lying there in the bed. If anyone else has ever watched a lung cancer patient or any other illness' patient die...it is the worse thing you will ever see! He will definately be missed and the memories of him will always be cherished!

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Hi Daffodils. Your post was beautiful. I am so sorry that you have lost him but we know he is in a better place. It is still so hard for those left behind. He was so lucky to have such a wonderful gathering of his loved ones as a send off. Thanks for sharing it with us. Donna G

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Hi Daffodils,

I was there when my grandfather (mom's Dad) died some years back (late 90's). He had suffered a stroke, and then was operated on (brain surgery) .... After a few days the decision was made to take him off the ventilator. We (my parents, two of my uncles, my brother & I) were there.... It was sad , but I am glad we were all around him.

He was also a man of faith, and when you believe that there is a heaven and people can be reunited... Those beliefs can make for a peaceful feeling...

Heaven is described as a place were all tears are wiped away, and there will no longer be any pain or suffering. I think we mourn more for ourselves and our feelings of loss, than we do for those faithful followers who have found their way home.

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I really like this quote from Joe.

I think we mourn more for ourselves and our feelings of loss, than we do for those faithful followers who have found their way home.

I think it is so true.

I was holding my father's hand when he died. In a split moment, the fear, the uncertainty, the anticipation of what we DID NOT want to happen- was happening.....

A peace came over me- as my dad smiled at us one last time. It was a beautiful smile. Considering he had been unconscious for a week, it was a wonderful last gift he gave to us. It was such a surprise and so wonderful- that I didn't fully realize what was happening until it was over.

Of course it is afterwards that your heart is crushed, your emotions and your grief swallow you. You just miss them with all your heart, and now must find a way to go thru this life without them.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that memories of this wonderful man fill your heart and offer you some solice in your time of grief.

You are always welcome here.

Please accept my sincerest condolences.

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