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Oddly Happy Day


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I know the last time i posted for myself, i was having a truely terrible day. Today was quite the opposite! For reasons unknown (maybe God just new i needed it) i have felt so relaxed and at ease. Even with storms blowing through and i hate storms!! Instead of running away and hiding from them, like i normally would...i stood out in the first part of it; the windy, uncontrolled part (no lightening at the time, thankfully!!! hahaha) and just let it blow...and for once, i wasn't scared.

Tomorrow my daughter and i will take Mom to radiation/chemo for the first time. Mom asked last friday if Sabrina (my daughter) could go in and see the room where Grandma gets radiation and the machine and all the "stuff". They told her she was welcome to bring her in! We're excited! Sabrina has some understanding of what is going on, she's a smart cookie anyway, and we've hidden little from her. The only thing we do not discuss with her in ear-shot is the possible outcome of Grandma's diagnosis...but we also never tell her that Grandma will be "cured" when she's done with treatments. She knows the doctors are trying to help treat Grandma's cancer...we leave it at that for now, but she knows if there is ever a question she has (even that one) she can ask Grandma or me and we will tell her honestly.

She's excited about going to meet all the doctors, so am i actually! And for Sabrina, we're hoping it helps her to understand, make more tangible, what Grandma's treatments are like...so she doesn't get scared of the unknown like we all tend to do!!

This is round three of chemo!!! We're getting there! Mom's getting irritated at being short of breath and achy when she moves, but feeling absolutely fine when she's sitting still. She's going to talk to the Dr.s about it and see what they say. All in all things are going pretty well so far! I think the once weekly chemo helps keep the side effects down...and prays daily that the radiation will hurt her as little as possible!

Thanks, Katie, for posting on that last one of mine and reminding me that i need to remember to share my good days, too!! LOL Sometimes i forget until i'm about ready to burst into tears yet again that you all share the GOOD and the bad!

Prayers for all of you!! Cancer survivors (because to me, you're all survivors!), families, and friends! May you have a day where storms don't scare you and the sun follows closely in it's wake to make that beautiful rainbow! (We can ALL use on of those now and again!)

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Happy you had a good day! I do believe however that you sent those storms north, they arrived after dinner with some hail! and lightning. The dogs and I were safe and sound in the house. My husband called from Reno, he's on a business trip , and said no rain there , he got in 18 holes of golf! Donna G

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