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Brain Radiation?


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Does any one know if 15 rounds of brain radiation is normal? mark had a negative CT scan of the brain, but the doc says he will do 15 rounds when the lung tumor clears up..This is as a precaution..

I thought they just radiate one time..I guess I am clueless.. :oops:

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I had 13 sessions of PCI (Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation). The dosage of radiation is smaller for PCI than for whole brain radiation - done when there ARE mets to the brain...and each rad onc decides on how many days of radiation.

I've known some people here who got 12 or 15 or 17 or even 20, I think. But I had 13 myself. It's a lucky number for me, I hope. :wink:

I don't think one session of brain radiation would likely do much good as prevention.

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Donna -- The first time a handful of hair fell out of the left side of my head (had been losing little bits at a time until this chunk!), I wasn't even sure it was all going to come out. Then, in less than 10 days or so, poof -- it was gone! Except for a stripe down the middle of my head -- it was my mohawk do. Not good, so I had the hairdresser trim things up.

When it started coming back, it seems like it took forever, and it was like peach fuzz. Now, it's growing back and looks/feels like real hair - yay! Just the past week, I've been going without my little red cap, mostly due to the heat, but it's really enough hair now for a cute little short summer style.

I kept my scalp washed, massaged it a bit in the shower, and kept using the same brand of hair products I've used forever. Don't know if any of that helped or not, but it sure felt good!

The Rad. Onc. told me it was possible to have permanent hair loss with WBR or PCI, but also said he'd seen very few cases of that in his time, and he's been practicing for quite a while. I guess we are all just different in this regard too, as with side effects of any of the treatments we take.


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Donna, I just finished the PCI treatments which is a preventative type of radiation. It makes you tired and I had some nausea with it. Everyone is different. I did not lose any hair altho I don't have much anyhow because it had just started growing back because I had my last chemo treatment the last of April. Other than headache, off balance and the other side effects I mentioned, it has proven to work so I just pray that it does. I hope all comes out good for you. You will be in my prayers.

Love and Prayers,


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