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Thank you and help if you can on info


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I have never seen such a nicer group of people. Thank you so much for welcoming me here. I read over what you have been thru. It is amazing to see you all have gone thru so much and are so willing to help others. I have to admit I do not understand alot of things you mention like mets,and others. I know I am scared as I see what all of you have been thru and wonder how much more I am to face. I just hope and pray we can all be here for alot longer to help each other,that is something I like doing is helping people. Has anyone here had cancer on the adrenal gland? I have not seen alot of information on that . I go to the doctor on the 14th to get Zormeta drip and he will set up scan testing to see if this tarceva is working. Praying for all of you here as we battle thru this monster together.Sandie :)

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Welcome Sandie, very nice to meet you and to have you as part of our family, but do wish you did not have to be here.

Feel free to ask all the questions you want, we have all been where you are are. Keep a positive attitude and I am sure, like so many, you will be around a long time!! 8)



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