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A few questions..


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I posted these questions for Dr. Cunningham over at the Ask the Experts forum, and I'm also posting them here in case anyone can help me. Many thanks! :)

1) Since my dad's biggest tumor is not in the lung but in the mediastinum, does that mean that this is a growth in the lymph nodes, hence making it advanced stage?

2)If the tumor and lesions remain stable for a long time, can he ever be considered in remission?

3) Why did the tumor remain stable (After 3 chemo treatments) and there is no reduction in size? Stable meant that he responded to the treatment, am I right?

Best Regards,


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Hi Frances, I don't know the answers to your questions but can tell you my experience. Stable for me was that the cancer did not grow but stayed the same after six months of chemo. Since getting rid of the cancer is the goal the onc has me on Iressa. I will find out the results of CT's tomorrow. if there is shrinkage of cancer that is good. It is not remission but a positive response to treatment. Will be praying for you, your dad and your family. So thankful that you are checking info out for your dad. A blessing for him. pammie

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Thank you for sharing Pam. I'm hoping and praying my dad will get positive response all throughout. Quite anxious because the response is much better with non-smokers in general. My dad has been a smoker for 30+ years, I believe.

I'm crossing my fingers for your CT scan results!



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