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Family Vacation(s)


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Mom needs one starting Tuesday, she and my "daddy" are "taking off" for a couple days who-knows-where for a much needed little break.

In the mean time, I am headed to Kansas City, MO to meet up with a great friend down there without husbands or children for our own little break. I've NEVER been without either my husband or daughter in over 6 years...so this is going to be so FUN (and a little scary leaving them alone together for 4 days!). Will be leaving Thursday afternoon and returning on Sunday evening.

Will have you all kept close in thoughts and prayers while i'm off sight-seeing!

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Glad to hear your mom is gettin away for a much-needed break from everthing. As for you, the break is much needed too and you will have a great time without all those family responsibilities. As much as you love your husband and child, it is nice to get away once in awhile and make yourself the focus of some FUN TIME. Nothing wrong with that. Have a fabulous time!

Gail p-m

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