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    Here's a new one

    Nick, I, too, focus on the end days especially the last few hours when we put my father in hospice. He did not want to be in hospice and it turned out to be a terrible experience for him which I know hastened his death. My sister and I thought we couldn't handle him at home anymore but if I knew then... I do totally understand what you are saying. Gail
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    Judy kw

    I am so saddened to read this. She was an active and cherished member of this website and fought lung cancer with courage and determination. My condolences to her family. gail p-m ((I hate this disease))
  3. Hi Katie -- From Canada and really don't know about Lung Cancer Canada. A few years after my Dad was diagnosed with lc, I found this site and really didn't need anything else at the time as there was so much advise and support here. I still check back everyday as this site meant so much to me then. gail p-m
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    Still Stable

    So glad for your good news!!! gail p-m
  5. Thinking about KW Judy and hoping she gets through this 'rough patch' quickly. gail p-m
  6. gail p-m


    Thinking of you on this difficult day. I do understand. I bet you mom still smiles when you bring her Rick's flowers. ((hugs)) Gail
  7. A very interesting post and I have learned this the hard way. When my father was diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2000, it was his surgeon who said that he didn't need any follow-up chemo or radiation. No mention of referring him to an oncologist and I believed. There was not this website then and to be honest, I did not go on the internet. I didn't even know his stage. Also I wasn't nearby and my relative who was totally wanted to believe he was cured and I couldn't question anything of her without her really getting upset with me. When the cancer reoccured in 03, we were all shocked to say the least. When I spent the summer there, I got his records -- with great difficulty, I might add. Some things were not even completed. I did find out that he was initially Stage 2 and I don't remember if it was 'a' or 'b'. Anyhow, from that I learned to question and research medical professionals and treatment. I might also add that this sometimes has given me the label of a "nervous" patient from a couple of doctors. But I'd rather be labelled nervous and alive rather than compliant and dead. Thanks for your post.
  8. Sending out many gentle hugs to you -- Gail
  9. Best wishes for a successful surgery and an excellent recovery. Will be thinking of you and checking those carepages. Gentle Hugs -- Gail
  10. Judy, Thinking of you and wishing you good test results; also hope you get to go home soon! Gail
  11. Yes, I agree it is a good article and read it previously since I receive the Vancouver Sun. I do wish that along with the stigma of lung cancer that the reporter had also written that many overweight people contribute to their mid life diabetes, sometimes to heart attacks... things that have been discussed many times in these forums. Yet, they don't carry the stigma of having contributed to their disease. (The last comment from someone following this article really irked me -- so typical!) It would have been great if the reporter had also mentioned that stats of former smokers who get lung cancer even after quitting for 20 or more years. That being said, it was a very good article and I so especially admire this reporter especially in light of the fact that his wife had breast cancer. I am 95% positive that a number of years back, I read an article by this reporter about how he and his wife were coping with a breast cancer diagnosis. WOW! Finally, in keeping with the money that goes to breast cancer, I came "face to face" with it two days in a row very recently. First, sorry for my memory, it was either in Jet Blue or Delta where if you bought some sort of food from them, proceeds or a portion were going to breast cancer. The following day, I was in Zellers, a local dept. store and was asked if I'd donate my points to breast cancer. Of course, I donated them but not before saying that there were other cancers I wish they'd collect points for. Let's see how many places collect money for lung cancer research this month -- yes, I know I need to do my part to bring this awareness forward! Gail
  12. gail p-m


    I've followed Ned's story since he first came here. What a wonderful person, what an inspiration to others! Did not think the lung cancer beast would get him. He will be greatly missed. Condolences to his family and friends on the loss of this very special man. Gail
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    Kasey, I'm so so sorry. I'm a mom too and I have no words. I just can't imagine. Please know you're in my thoughts and prayers gail p-m
  14. gail p-m


    ((((Katie)))) I, too, hope this day passes gently for you. These anniversaries are so very hard when you've loved someone so much. I'm sure your Dad is very proud of all you've done to honor his memory. You were (and are) a wonderful daughter. Gail
  15. Maybe a section with vegetarian recipes especially since many, but not all, are healthy??? Other vegetarians out there?
  16. Missing you Dad and still think of you each and every day. Always will. Love, Gail
  17. Cindy, I truly do understand how you feel and can so relate to everything you said. My Dad also passed 3 1/2 years ago and I, too, think of him each and every day in one loving way or another. How I still miss him! His birthday is next month and the hole in my heart will grow even wider that day. (((Cindy))) Gail
  18. Get someone else to catch it and send it outside
  19. Please, please, could I just take my photo albums too? gail p-m
  20. gail p-m


    Julia -- I'm so, so sorry! Aaron was way too young and had so much to live for. He was so very lucky to have you. gail p-m
  21. What a Wonderful World -- Louis Armstrong. My son chose this for "our" wedding dance when he got married ---only problem was that it was too short!
  22. I will always remember my friend, Marlene, who died of breast cancer. Of course, we'll never know for sure but she (and I) believed she was a "victim" of being patient and fully trusting the docs. When she had a "lump" and this was at 38 when breast cancer is often very agressive, her doctor had her go off coffee, chocolate.. for 3 months (maybe more???) before investigating. I won't go into the rest of things that she was patient about, but she didn't want to make any noise. I miss her so but I also learned from that. You need to advocate for yourself and check everything. And yes, I believe in doctors and know most are great but they are busy and they are only human. gail p-m
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