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Five for 8/15/05


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1) Carolyn keeps trying SO HARD to crawl

2) We went exploring yesterday and had a really good time.

3) Daddy seems to be hanging in there.

4) We took a walk and saw seals, starfish, and jellyfish this morning

5) AddieTude's and Mojo's are back and we're a community of fighters who WILL TRIUMPH!

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whew. thanks Val, I needed this.

1. Suki's white count is down to 7! (from 24)

2. Lucie has a man like Don beside her.

3. I have a good, good friend at work who cried with me over Suki's troubles today - I never thought I'd find that there.

4. I am a damn good lawyer, and I have a fun case on tomorrow. (repeat: I am a damn good lawyer. maybe if I say it enough the butterflies will go? :lol: )

5. Val - you're a friend and an inspiration. I'm glad to know you.



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