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Thinking of you also, Katie and Rick. As you know, this time of year is my bad time, too. Although it's hard, this Katrina disaster also puts me in my place when I start feeling sorry for myself.

You have such a huge heart, Katie -- and you totally honor your dad with your determination to help the refugees. It IS so gosh darn frustrating. I have so many clothes, and household STUFF that those people need desperately, but no way to get it to them. You're close enough to take some of your stuff to the refugee centers and that's great that you want to and will. It's sad that in emergencies we can't get stuff distributed fast enough. I understand the shipping problems, etc. but darn it, there's gotta be a better way.

I will take my stuff to the Salvation Army here - and they usually do find a way to ship to disaster areas, but it takes so long. I saw on TV that Sacramento has sent their search and rescue team, and troops have been deployed from Travis air base and Mather.

I agree with the others, Katie -- take your time and figure out the best and safest way to help -- we need our Brown family safe!

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