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Shortage of Flu Shots

Connie B

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share with everyone that I went for my flu shot yesterday and my Doc and his Nurse said they had just recieved a Statewide message that there WILL be a SHORTAGE OF FLU SHOTS AGAIN THIS YEAR! Now, I'm not sure that means ALL states, but non the less, GET YOUR FLU SHOTS!!!

Yes, I know they said we had MORE then enough Flu Shots on the News Reports and maybe even at your doctor's office, but as my Doc said yesterday, ALL THAT HAS CHANGED AS OF OCT 17. :roll:

Just a heads up!

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I signed up for one at my onc's...but he told me they were having difficulty getting the shots because the really big outlets....like ShopRite and other retail outlets that do clinics for the shots, order in SUCH high volume (millions of the shots) that it makes it more difficult for doctors and smaller medical clinics to GET them! :?

Makes sense, if you think of it. Suppliers will fill an order for a million, before they'll fill one for say, several thousand....eh?

Anyway, I'm on the list...and I am high risk so if someplace else around here gets them and my doc doesn't...then I'll wing it. Otherwise I'm gonna assume that, like last year, my onc DID get the shots and I was able to get one there.

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Last year, there just weren't any available in this entire city. My last hope was the health department, and their parking garage was full of people in line - hacking/coughing people. No thanks. I could have had one in January, but ... why bother?

This year -- I saw a sign at Walgreen's (across the street from where I work) that they would have flu shots the next Monday, I showed up, and 10 minutes later walked out after having a flu shot. Go figure. The lady checking people in kept giving me a hard time about being "high risk," so I finally blurted out "I have lung cancer, ok? Is that high risk enough for you?" Sheesh! One of the ladies who works there saw and heard this, and she was about to lose it laughing!

Oh well. I digress. I hope everyone can find a shot -- and soon. It isn't like we don't already have enough on our plates to catch the flu too.


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