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prayer for Randy


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Hi All,

I have a wonderful friend who sent me this prayer for Randy. You can fill in your own name and family but I feel what she has prayed for is what we all pray for. I want to share this with you prayer with you. It is one I pray everyday now. I have been blessed by just having this site. Everyone here is so very special. Keep the Faith that God knows what he is doing and that we all can accept what needs to be accepted. Never give up hope. Miracles happen everyday and we don't know why.




I pray for peace as Randy awaits the intervention of the medication. Protect him. Give him courage to speak your name with joy to all who enter his room.

I pray for intervention in this 'it shouldn't be happening' situation. Thank you that we know you are very aware of what is happening and why. Protect Randy from the enemy and all his tricks and deviousness. May he center on You and draw all his strength there. May he have some extra to share with others in need at this time.

Thank you for watching over Randy, Shirley, and their children. Please continue to do that. Encourage them all, even in what looks like unexpected and unwelcome information.

Strengthen them, especially in the knowledge of you. Strengthen Randy's body. Keep all other illness elements away from him so that he only has to work through the current cancer issue.

Thank you for loving us, listening, and having the very best plan for us as individuals.

In Christ's name and through His blood,


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