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  1. Your mom is in my prayers everynite. Try hard to make sure someone is always with her now.
  2. Dolly, I sure don't have the words of wisdom but I can say that it has been 7 months since I lost Buddy and it has not been easy. I have tried to keep myself very busy as my family and friends have been extremely helpful. Even with all of this help, one is alone with one's thoughts sometimes more than we need to be. Sometimes I sit and think of all the great times we had. How fast life goes by. Tears come but they are not as bad as they use to be. Sadness is hard to get through but we do somehow. I am just glad it was me left here for I know Buddy would have had a worse time being left then me and that does help a little knowing the good Lord knew what he was doing.. Sometimes I talk to him and sure wish he could answer. Sometimes it is like he was never here. Like it was one big dream that past life. I guess if it wasn't for our son I might just think that. These next few months will be hard and lonely no matter how many people are around you but know that we widows/widowers are here and know exactly how you feel. God Bless
  3. Dolly, I just saw this post. Am so very sorry for your loss. If I can help you in anyway, please let me know.
  4. Renee, am so very sorry for the loss of Scott. If I can help you in anyway, please let me know. The months ahead will be hard but durable.
  5. I am here, I have been coming on but have not posted for a while. I haven't posted because I just don't know what to say anymore. I am at a loss for words, yes, me lost for words. I haven't even had words enough to ask Ry for a hall pass. I noticed that in the past I had posted over 1600 posts and now I am at a loss for words. I just read about BobMc and my heart did a flip flop again. Paddy, I read about your husband trying to get Iressa and that really has made me mad. I can't understand why our country, as big and rich as it is, can't get meds to people in need and who allow meds to cost so much that one cannot afford to try and live. If I were you Paddy, i would contact the maker of Iressa and ask for them free Iressa or at a very small charge that you can afford for your love. I gave Buddy's Iressa back to his onc dr and he was going to give them to someone who could not afford the cost. I had a three mo supply. Now I wish I had them for your husband. My dear Jane, I know where you are mentally for I have not been able myself to leave the grieving stage this time. All the past times, mom, dad, brother, sister, friends, - - I made it through those, but this one is different. I want so bad for time to go back for just a minute or two again but know that cannot happen. I want to just feel his arms around me one more time and his telling me how much he loves me. I know you are on that same boat with me. We both know the way off this boat but for some reason we are not ready to leave. I miss my Buddy so very much. I try hard everyday to keep myself busy but am constantly thinking of him. I know it will take a very long long time for me to be able to accept his death for it has only been 7 months as of yesterday. Some days it feels like he just left me and other times like he was never here. Like it was some sort of a dream those 46 years plus five. I know and you know we will make it through this life until the good Lord decides our time is up too. Bruce, get yourself out of the hospital and back on your feet. Chat time is tomorrow nite. Thanks for the e-mail. You let me worry about you, not you about me.. Dean Carl, know that you are constantly in my prayers. I miss hearing from you on board. You are one of my KNIGHTS IN SHINNING ARMOR. FayA, I don't need flowers, just you as a friend is all I need. For all the rest of you my friends, Debi, Ry, Mary Ann, Becky, Nell, Sharon, Elaine, Geoff, Melinda, David, Karen, Ginny, Connie, Peggy, Kathy, Cheryl, Shirley, Don, Bonnie, Cindy, Hebbie, Berisa, Rick, Katie, Tiny,and everyone else I have forgotten to address, there are so many of you, know that I think of each and everyone of you each day and pray every nite for your health and happiness. Don't worry about me, I will make it till my time is up.....after all, I have all of you and who could ask for anything more. Till I post again, know I am reading here often, and with all my heart, love each and everyone of you.
  6. Am so sorry for the loss of your mom. Mom's are special people....
  7. Bruce, you will come to chat?????? will miss you friend.....
  8. Thank you for posting this news. Am so sorry for the family but am sure he is happy now to be with his wife....
  9. Becky, my Becky, Take whatever time you need but don't forget me.....much love....
  10. norme


    Bruce, As I am always one day late anymore, I have no idea what this is about but if one does not like a post, more on to another. Love thy neighbor as one would want to be loved thyself. My motto of the day....love to alllllll....
  11. Sharon, I guess that is why he has not been feeling up to par lately. I pray that there will be another chemo that will be available for him.
  12. norme

    The Long Road Home....

    Ann, Oh, I can only imagine how hard it was at first but also can kind of feel the relief you are feeling now because you did something that has been on you mind to do but couldn't make yourself do till now. Am glad you feel like you can move on. I am not at that point as yet but know it is ahead somewhere. Good for you...
  13. Renee, so very sorry Scott is having such a terrible time. Have you someone helping you beings he is not walking? I hope the pain goes away. Why aren't they giving him a little of the good stuff for pain or is it just not working?
  14. It's my turn. I have lost 42 lbs. About 10 in the last few months before Buddy passed on and 32 in the last 6 months. I have cut out a lot of the things I love the most and which loved to stick to my ribs. I am eating raisen bran and One Bran (I think that is the name) cereals, fruit and one piece of whole wheat bread and 1/2 piece of Hoffman supper sharp cheese for breakfast, no lunch and for dinner I have either all veges or spinach salad, or chicken salad with lots of fruit and sometimes I allow myself to have a pork chop or steak or whatever. I also allow chicken strips a lot. Buddy and I never had lunch. We usually only had two meals a day and I have stuck to that. if i have lunch i am not hungry for dinner. If I have lunch, I don't have breakfast. In the last two weeks I have not lost anything. In fact, I keep going 2 on 2 off. Can't understand why it is getting harder to lose. I am walking a little also. I still need to get rid of about 30 more lbs to be back to the weight I was at the age of 47. I gained all this weight when I stopped smoking at age 48. Food tasted so much better. haha. Maybe I should start counting cal's. Don't know if that will work or not.
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