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Since I just had a major, huge, horribly whiny vent... Here is the flipside:

I know things could be worse. We could have more crises arising. I have a beautiful, beautiful, smart, funny, sweet little girl that I love so very much. And that love reminds me of the love my Mom must have had for me. I did have a WONDERFUL Mom and I had 24 wonderful years with her.

I love my Dad, and I know he loves me... and one reason he is happy we are here, is that he wants to help us catch up financially after all the back-and-forthing we've done. And that just shows you what a good Daddy he is.

Missing my husband so much, just reminds me that we love each other a lot. And that is a gift.

It's a beautiful autumn day outside with crunchy leaves on the ground to shuffle through.

I have a lot to be grateful for, and I'm not ignoring it. I promise.

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Ya know.......sometimes a whine is just what we need to get things off our chests and make us feel much better.

You just did the old "a trouble shared is a trouble halved" routine!! Do you feel a little better?

I always feel better after a good whine to someone who isn't involved. If you do that here nobody's toes are stepped on and no one will get defensive.

Dad doesn't even know you vented so all is well.

take care,


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