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Comforting way to think of death


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I recently lost my dear Dad on Sept. 19th and am still not over the shock. Last night, I went to church (I'm Catholic) and I was surprised that it was a memorial mass in honor of all people buried out of this particular church. During the homily, the priest told a story to illustrate death and the afterlife. It seemed a strange perspective, but it has given me some comfort so I thought I'd share it.

It was a long story, but basically he likened death to birth. Imagine a baby waiting to be born. When we were born, we had no idea what was on the "other side" and yet, look at all life has to hold? Though it was definitely "outside of the box" thinking, it was a very different perspective for me. It made me think that perhaps death is a new birth. I have a pretty strong faith, but when you are confronted with the death of someone so close, it makes you question things. For me, I HAVE to belief in a Heaven, because if I think I'll really never see my Dad again and this is truly all there is, I'd just fall apart. So, this perspective has given me some faith and some comfort. I hope that it does the same for someone else out there.

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I have thought of it that way many times...I also think of what my father told me when he had his first heartattack when he was 49 and his heart stopped. He told the story of how peaceful it was and how beautiful it was and how he got to see his family again. He also told of how God held him in his arms and told him it wasn't his time yet and sent him back to us. That story has always given me peace of mind. I know that is where my loved ones are that have passed before me.

Praying for us all.

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