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Cleaning out Moms house


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I have a son that is in the Air Force and he was stationed in England when my Mom passed away on Sept 20th. As of Oct 1st, he was transferred to Davis Monthan AFB in Tuscon.

We figured that a lot of the stuff at my Moms, could be used by him and his family. So when his car got here (via boat from England) we would rent a Uhaul, load it, and have 1 of our other boys go with him so 1 could drive the car and the other could drive the Uhaul. As it turned out, both of our boys that are still at home, went with their brother on this 7 hour road trip to Tuscon.

Anyway, the day that we were at my Moms doing this, my youngest asked me what we were going to do for Thanksgiving this year. For my entire life, Thanksgiving has ALWAYS been at Moms. Even last year after she was diagnosed, she wanted to do Thanksgiving at her house. I told my son that I didn’t have a clue what we were going to do.

We continued on, loading the truck and I went back inside to take the last load of trash out. When I came back inside to put a new bag in the trash can, I smelled gas. I walked over to where the gas dryer had been, it was ok. I went back over to where the trash can is, to put a new bag in, and that’s when I noticed the oven was on! The oven is right next to where the trash can is. I opened the oven door, and it was heating up! I thought “What the heck!” Inside the oven sat the bottom ½ of Moms turkey roaster. We had used it on the day of her service and when I was cleaning up, I stuck it in there to get it out of the way.

So what the heck was that? My first thought was thank God I’m here to turn if off. I just can’t imagine how it got turned on. No one was near it. Then I wondered if it was my Mom trying to say hello. My husband said that Mom knew I would go back to put another bag in the trash can. Thank goodness I wasn’t being an airhead and forgot. Later I thought that maybe she was trying to tell me not to forget the turkey roaster since I would be needing it?

I remember a couple of months after my MIL passed away. My husband went over to her house to pick something up. While he was there, all of a sudden, the outgoing message on her phone played. The phone never rang to prompt the message, it just played. It freaked him out and he tore off out of there.

I just wondered if anyone else has had this kind of experience?

I miss her so much and can’t imagine Thanksgiving without her. There are so many things that come up, and my 1st response is to call her, share with her. I hope that never ends.



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Patty, I think you should have Thanksgiving and use your Mom's roaster and keep all the traditions alive that you got from your mother. I am sure it will be hard, but I can't know how hard (my parents are in their 80's, but still here). My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during the holidays.


Nancy B

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