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My dearest Johnny

In just one week from today at 4:55 am it will be three years sense I held your hand and watched as you slipped away from me. No one can imagine the agony your death and all of the years of seperation have caused me.

In just two short months it will be 47 years sense that night that we first found eachother. Can you believe that?

In my heart and in my mind you are still as handsome, talented and charming as you were that night when a young girl looked into your eyes and saw her own soul. Always my love. Always and forever!

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Hi Lillian,

I have been reading all your posts and I want you to know that they pull at my heartstrings.

This is so difficult especially since it is getting near the anniversary of your Johnny's passing. That is not the kind of anniversary's one wants to celebrate. Those memories come pouring back and feel very real.

I pray for you to get through these holidays as it will not be easy. It never is, but you are strong and they will become a distant memory.

I do feel like you that Johnny is there watching over you because of the special love you shared and the bond you have to each other. The smell of roses is the sign, like the experience Ann just witnessed. Your Johnny is very much a part of you in death as he was in life.

I think you are doing as well as you can. Keep your faith in the man upstairs and he will help you as he has. He will not give you more than you can take. He will help you through this.

Life is not easy, but it is all we have. We make the best of all situations good and bad. You are doing fine.

Johnny is proud of all you have accomplished since his passing. You are more independent and you have a good heart which shows through your postings. You are helping others unselfishly and you will be rewarded for that, ten fold.

I know you don't do it for the recognition. You're good soul Lillian and in helping others you are doing G-ds work. I know you are getting paid, and you wish you did not have too, that shows how much you care. You give so much to your customers, even more because you do get paid.

How many do get paid, and do not really care or have compassion? They just want the old mighty dollar. You are an angel to these people; they are blessed to have you take care of them. They look forward to your visits. You make them feel special and that is a wonderful gift to them.

I just want you to know that I care about you and even though I am not experiencing what you are going through, I do feel your pain.

I just want to say to you and Johnny "Merry Christmas" and this comes from a Jewish girl.

My prayers are sent to you for some positive changes to help you through your difficult times.


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