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I'm excited - look at this!!


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There's a thing called circle of friends - check this out - their partners are quitnet, qvc, legacy, eif, and AVON.

This circle of friends thing is about helping women addicted to smoking - check it out:

I was happy to see quitnet mentioned there - quitnet has been such a lifeline for me the past two years -

but I was SURPRISED to see Avon there!! They have a part in this circle of friends thing, and there's a sunburst necklace they're offering as a way to help support the circle of friends campaign.

I sell avon (!) and didn't know about this - I haven't even seen the necklace in the brochures yet, but when it appears, I of course will buy one myself -

I'm just tickled pink . Just the other day I was thinking about how much Avon has poured into breast cancer and I was feeling angry at them for not recognizing the huge problem of lung cancer and felt like writing them -

it looks like they are ahead of me on this! I'm so tickled and it makes me feel a lot better about selling avon now, too. If anyone can reach millions with the message about lung cancer, QVC & Avon can!! :)

A big hurray for QVC and Avon and the others too!! I think we should send happy emails to all -

Anyone here good at writing a group letter??

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