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Storms and Fires


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I just thought I should ask if everyone is alright with all of the storms and fires that are going around. This year just gets crazier every day. Can you believe I just saw that there is another tropical storm in the Atlantic named Zeta?

Boy did I have a day. We keep getting hit with one storm after another. Today was the kind of day that I just wanted to stay in with a good book and some hot chocolate but couldn't do that. It didn't get day light until nearly 8 am this morning. I had a long drive down that mountain road and then another 15 miles to the next town. Couldn't skip it because I need the money and my boss depends on me. Then too today was my special ladies day for her shower. She still won't let anyone else help her!

When I left her house the wind was blowing so hard it nearly knocked me down on the way to my car. Then when I opened the door it took it out of my hand and slammed it into my shoulder. I have a very nasty bruise now.

Anyway I made it home safe and sound and the creek behind me would have to rise another 50 feet or more before there would be any real danger here. Now I have my laundry on waiting for the house to warm up. I have been waiting for the time to get a haircut sense about 2 months ago and luckily my niece cut it for me Christmas Eve. Now I want to color it and roll it sense I have some time home today. I don't mind the grey hairs in fact I wish it would just turn grey. What I hate is the my blond hair I have had all of my life has taken on a sickly brown color. Hail to Clairol! That is about to end today if the wind doesn't blow the power out so I have no heat.

Anyway this was supposed to be about all of you and how you are faring with all that is going on. So please let us hear from all of you in Texas and Oklahoma and good old sunny California Ha Ha :!:

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Well good old sunny California is raining and cold today. At least northern California is. I am enjoying the weather though. This is my last day of vacation for Christmas/winter break. I am thankful for this day and am just kicking back in my pajamas with coffee and cake and books and television. Life is good. Back to work Monday.

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