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Joanies name and address


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Hi All,

I copied and pasted this from Brian. This is Joanie address and name. You see she will be in rehab for at least 2 weeks.

Take care


D'oh , I see that Joanie doesn't have our last name in her profile. It is Caffrey.

Also, they moved her from the stepdown unit last night. (She no longer needs their specialized care!) She should be at the following until at least tomorrow:

Beth Israel Medical Center

1st Avenue & 16th Street

Joan Caffrey - 5 Linsky, Rm 04, Bed A

New York, NY 10001

At this point, the plan is to move Joanie to a rehab unit for about two weeks, in preparation for her release. General weakness & some pain aside, there is no downside to report. She is doing really, really well. Hell, she started dancing with a nurse who was helping her to stand.

Thanks again for the great showing of care & support.


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