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Cesium Treatment


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My mom is currently following a wholistic treatment path as she is now at the "it cant hurt" point.

She was made aware of a new high pH treatment through a friend of hers, and is currenty following it aggressivley. Not sure if it is working but I do know it gives her hope and added will to live and for that I am thankful. After reading tons of pages of info on it and helping her order it I am very curious as to whether or not it will turn out to be as effective as its proponent claim it to be. I remain a huge skeptic... below is an information pack I put together for my mom to show people who asked her about the treatment she was on. I may sound a little more positive in my assesment of the websites than I actually feel at times, that is because my mom has placed a huge amount of hope in this treatment and I refuse to let my skepticism affect her outlook. She is gung-ho about it and I wont take that away from her. I'm also curious if anyone else has info about this or experience with it... thanks =)

Different links on Cesium Treatments: Aloooot of reading here. Don't read it all at once or you may go cross eyed in a matter of hours =).

1. http://www.killcancercells.com/

Excellent site with a lot of good links.

2. http://www.krysalis.net/cancer.htm

Another site with a list of alternative treatments. Cesium is discussed in #37.

3. http://www.thewolfeclinic.com/cesium.html

Site seems semi incomplete, but has some more interesting info.

4. http://annieappleseedproject.org/cesiumchloride.html

Cancer survivor, started site to promote alternative treatments.

5. http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/Loxygen3.htm

Another explorative site with a lot of information.

6. http://www.rainbowminerals.net/home.htm

Site we ordered from, have to search a lot of links to get all the facts and information, but it is has some high quality minerals and vitamins. We simplified the list and are taking the potassium supplements, cesium, Vibe, and a pro-biotic.Scroll down the list to find cesium chloride.

7. http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/11571.c ... 729&tab=HC

Sloan Kettering talks about some of the hazards in some rare cases (2), due to improper Potassium monitoring and supplementation

Looks like the type of treatment with a lot of promise but one that is not fully understood yet. As long as you take the lower dose (3g/day), and monitor your potassium levels you seem to have nothing to lose.

ALKALINE DIET: We've noticed that my mom's pH has stayed significantly higher than that reported for most cancer patients. Seeing this as possibly very positive were looking into more ways to increase (alkalize) her body.

http://altmedicine.about.com/od/popular ... nediet.htm



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I'm all for holistic and alternative approaches to any health issue, especially when conventional treatments have failed or are not an option. Having said that I've seen far too many charlatains and huxsters come down the pike and while I believe in the placebo effect 100% I worry about what some people might be putting in their bodies. There is a great resource available called the Moss Report which thoroughly examines alternative treatments. The reports are costly and are customized for one's own cancer but much of the general info for the alternative treatments is the same no matter what type of cancer you have.

A very kind gentle gave me a copy of his report for thyroid cancer so I could check out info on a clinic in the Bahamas that I was considering for my Mesothelioma. This report does include information on Cesium as well as hundreds of other treatments. If you would like a copy please email me and I can send the PDF file to you.


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My Son's Fatherinlaw just recently died from Cancer and he was faithfully using the Cesium treatment. I guess it worked for awhile but then his Cancer came back like a fire storm. So really hard to say if it gave him anymore time or not.......

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