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I have been searching for information and can't seem to find any. Has anyone heard from Elaine lately? When was the last time she posted and what was her condition at the time. I am gone so much that I know I miss a lot and she has been on my mind lately. Any information will be appreciated.

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All I could find.

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2005 8:54 am Post subject:

I never posted my fives.. but every day I still do my "fives". Some days it's darn hard to do them.. but when I struggle, I always think of Melanie .. and how she always seemed to have her five in line and probably at least another 10 to go with it..

When I first saw this post.. I could barely catch my breath..but thinking of her... since, I realize.. that I should do my best not to be sad.. because her gift to us and probably so many others has left this world a better place..

love and fortitude


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