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vision and hearing loss


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My mother has had two rounds of carbo/taxol and 15 days of whole-head radiation. Her vision is suddenly failing as is her hearing. Has anyone experienced this as a side effect? When I asked the doctor, he said that it's either the chemo or the cancer growing. We can't get a brain scan until August 25.

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My buddy had the same treatments except he only had 10 whole head and yes, he did and still is experiencing hearing problems. he did have some of this before this all started by it is profoundly worse now. if that is all that happens, then can deal with it. he did have catarack surgery after all those treatments but not sure that was the cause. again, he was having eye problems before all of this also... hope this helps some....

why can't she have a scan before 8/25???????push for it sooner.....

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Thank you so much, Norme. That does help a lot. Apparently, they have to wait a month following the last radiation before they can do the brain scan. Not certain why, but that's what the radiologist says. And of all her doctors, he is the only one I really trust. He's very positive and upbeat and determined to help her fight.

All the best...you're in my prayers. And thank you so much.


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buddy had to wait for the scan also after the end of the whole head radiation. I had forgotten that. When he finally had the scan, it showed he belonged to the umpty head club now. It worked very well. I hope the same for your mother-in-law....

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