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Energy Future !!!


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It appear's that world oil supplies are going to be held hostage by various terrorist group's. It sorta sound's like Iran may cut it's oil supplies with Russia and China,who are making threat's of a possible military involvement in the middle east. Now my Question for the day is are the politician's and enviromentalist correct in stopping us from searching for new OIL reserve's while we continue to look for alternative energy resources.Here in Kansas we have ethanol added to our Gasoline with new Alcohol plant's going on line to meet demand. In case you may not know Ethanol(gasahol)is made from grain and is renewable and after year's of research is much more energy efficient to make. By the way i was watching the new's the other night where it showed enviromentalist protesting wind farm's and challenging them in court's and this is after year's of them offering this as a alternative energy source, go figure....

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Larry, I have never been able to understand how we can send men to the moon but have not been successful in finding more alternative energy sources. Dennis once did extensive research into cars that were capable of running on fuels other that gasoline. He found that several have been designed (and prototypes manufactured) but the person responsible for the research and design would wind up dead. Their deaths would always be a supposedly mysterious death...go figure. The big oil companies do not want to see these fuel alternatives.

To take this in another direction, Dennis always felt the same about our government and cancer treatment. Up to the day he died, he truly believed that "somewhere under a building in our nation's capitol" (Dennis's words) the cure for cancer was hidden. He believed that if a cure for cancer was made available, this country could not survive the financial impact that cure would cause. Think of the drug companies, the doctors, the treatment centers that would all be out of business should a cure be found. Maybe this was merely the thinking of a dying man?

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Ann i'm in pretty much agreement with what you've said that Dennis learned. I remember reading about some phycist many year's ago who supposedly had invented a capsule that added to water would chemically make a car run as if on Gasoline. Anyway he had demonstrated to i believe the paten office and it worked and at some point he was later found dead in his apartment and all his research paper's missing. Then i knew personally of a garage owner back in the 60's who showed me all the applied for paten right's for his carburator that he claimed was so efficient that gas mileage could be literally doubled. American motor's bought the right's to it and later sold to GM the right's to manufactor the carberator, in which it dissappeared and he showed me letter's from then President Nixon promising to find out what was going on plus other legal paper's.Also a friend of mine who live's in Texas and is a upper echalon management person for a major Texas Co. told me the Oil co's will not alow Gasahol in texas..

As for Cancer i'm not totally sold there is a cure as such a cure would be worth billion's to who ever patened it, but then there seem's to be research showing Cancer is a result of a Virus. Then i've read somewhere that something like 80% of Dr's say they would not do Chemo if they were discovered with cancer, how true or accurrate that is i have no way of knowing. But then again how much about major issue's do we really know about. Like i've heard so many time's JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL.....As the Bible states the LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL>>>>>

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