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New to site - voice problems


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I am new to posting. I have been reading the forum for sometime and my niece did ask some questions for me a while back.

My husband (52) has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Was discovered in May when his thumb swelled up and they eventually found a cancerous tumor there, then immediately after discovered mediastinal tumor with lymph node involvement.

He has had two rounds of chemo and 21 visits for radiation to the thumb. We switched oncologists when neither of us could relate to him, plus he did not believe in appropriate pain medication.

Pericardial effusion was discovered and a pericardial window was done last week. He then went into Atrial fibrillation while in the hospital and has been quite a bit weaker since the hospital visit. He now requires nebulizer treatments for unproductive coughing and wheezing.

We are hoping he will be strong enough to begin another round of chemo real soon.

My question is this - while in the hospital, he starting becoming very hoarse and it is still continuing. He did have a visit to an ENT just a few weeks ago and everything checked out clear in his throat (before this started). None of the doctors seem to have an answer as to the cause of his voice problems. He has not had radiation to the area, so it couldn't be that. Any suggestions on this?

This site has been so much help to me during this roller coaster ride - I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.


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Hi, welcome to the boards. Sorry to hear about your husband. My husband, Tim had his left lung removed and they had to remove his recurrent nerve to his vocal cord. There are two, one on each side and they run down into your chest and then back up to your cords. If a tumor is compressing this nerve, it can also cause hoarsness. Tim had a lymph node that was enlarged and somehow was stuck to this nerve.

He will be going to see an ear, nose and throat doc to have an injection of Teflon into his vocal cords to help with his voice. His is hoarse, weak and kind of phelmy. I hope they can help make it stronger.

I hope this helps. I had no idea that this could happen during the surgery, but there are so many things in the chest area, it was a small price to pay to remove the cancer.


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