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What questions should I ask th Onc?


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Can anyone tell me about stopping treatment. I am quite well but after 7 cycles, I'm having difficulty with my blood counts and may have reached maximum efficiency for this treatment.

The trial coordinator said I may have this treatment discontinued. The doctor might offer another treatment or may take a wait and see attitude - until they see progression. Also said that although my tumor was large, the center was probably dead and only the outside was active. Even then, much of it might be scar tissue.

My question is if they stop chemo, isn't there a risk of more mets? I have no symptoms of lung disease - but I have had pain from mets, before radiation.

Can anyone tell me their experience with a halt in treatment? Did anyone have success with the treatment but then have it stopped without a replacement treatment?

I have a few weeks before I'll be faced with this (one more cycle and CT), so if you can help with questions I should ask, please let me know.



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The reason for stopping Could be bloodwork results. Debs labs always crashed and then we would start a new regiment of Chemo. Was going to Avastin? Alimta and then hope for good results. Didn't make it though. Possibly would have restarted 1st treatment over if unsuccessful with Avastin/Alimta. Will never know. The Body can become Immune to a drup after a while and that is why it stops working. Ask about optional treatment to current Chemo If being Stopped. Ask why Treatment is being stopped.New teatment next. Hope this helps a little bit. Many prayers For you.

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