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I've learned about a chemical that causes tumors

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here there 'n everywhere.

The long story would be this one

But point of the matter, is that when I looked at 2-butoxyethanol that was used for oil spill cleanup in 1989, I stumbled onto the FATIGUE of CFIDS ... and learned that this chemical has been harming our nation since before WWII.

Although other things are harmful, this is the most harmful because it is not recognized & it is in widespread use. Most of the time the FLU is really this chemical's poisoning.

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I did a search for a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the chemical. It is not listed as a carcinogen, but is something you don't want to drink a cup of. A lot of household cleaners are this toxic, "The Works" can be used to build a homemade bomb (thank you, MacGyver). Here is the MSDS for this particular chemical:


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Drinking it wouldn't do much harm,

But don't get the vapors in your eyes

Have to check more than one MSDS to get the overall picture.

It can harm babies, pets, people of any age both in and out of the military.

I suspect it is the cause of CFIDS and to prove its harm you have to prove the fatigue that doctors say they don't know what it is.

Get the picture?

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MOST gases are absorbed through the eyes. Transfer over mucous membranes and an easy port.

I don't know how far you think you need to dumb it down for me, but please don't. I'm more than familiar with the legal aspects of an MSDS, the hazards that HAVE to be listed on one, etc. I've been working with them for over ten years - first in an oil refinery and now in a chemical plant.

The chemical "2-butoxyethanol" isn't listed as a carcinogen in California, a stringent state in testing and warnings.

Ingredients in beauty products have been found to be carcinogens, pesticides, herbicides...testing is ongoing and thorough. As more information is discovered, it is reported. I refuse to hop on a witch hunt band wagon over ONE chemical used in cleaning ppoducts.

If you are concerned about it, use "friendly" cleaners. Hebbie has posts in the Alternative/Complementary forum for hygiene products and cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and health happy.

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