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A Memorial Idea

gerbil runner

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My mom was buried in December, when it's impossible to place a monument. The few times I've been to the cemetery, it seems so desolate (though the cememtery itself is beautiful).

My grandparents are buried in another cemetery, and when I last visited there, it was sad to see how neglected the old planter was. Since my mom had gotten sick, family cared for her rather than the gravesite, as it should be.

My great-aunt and uncle lost their daughter to breast cancer 15 years ago. Against their wishes, she was buried far away from their home. Nobody in the family now lives near where she was buried.

All of these circumstances have made me think about how sometimes we feel the need to contribute in a concrete way to a memorial for our loved ones.

I have decided for my mom and my grandparents to purchase heavy planters (following the cemetery guidelines) and plan to add stones.

Carved stones have become popular. They can be small and inscribed with a single word, or large with as much information as a traditional monument. Stones can also be painted by anyone. They do not die of like plants, and can be personalized by anyone.

A planter at the cememtery, or even a flowerpot in our house, can become a place to deposit these stones, as well as the plants and flowers we normally think of.


This site offers personalized carved stones.

http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/gl_design_rock ... 61,00.html

This site details how to paint stone.

Hope these ideas may be helpful to someone.

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